What our clients and their vets had to say about our Havanese and Pugs:

mike paletta [] 
This one I am proud of because Mike is a scientist with a degree in animal behaviorism. Although now working in the pharmaceutical field, and no longer with animals, he has a long experience in the field. He also wrote several books that were puplished in several countries and is an avid salt water enthusiast. Some 30 corals are named after him.

He writes:
Juergen,I just wanted to give you a follow up on Lucie. She is without a doubt the best dog I have known or come across. She is incredibly smart and learned to ring the bell in two days and is now litter box trained as well. She is loving and a great companion and loves to be around people and other dogs. We are taking her to training and she is far and away the smartest dog there. I have had lots of people over during the holidays and Steeler games and she has been calm and friendly towards alll of them No one can believe how well behaved she is and sweet she is to everyone. My neighbors have even bought her gifts they like her so much. My daughter and I have had a great time with her and I really can’t thank you enough. She was the best Christmas present I could have gotten for all of us. I hope you are well and I will keep you informed as things progress. She finishes her shots next week and will be spayed in late February. Thanks again,                             Michael 

02/13/2013 07:41:25
Jay thank you for our wonderful Walter. He was known to you as “Ricco”. He has been the sweetest puppy we have ever had. He likes other dogs and loves kids and cries if they walk away from him. You have a wonderful breed and we truly appreciate your dedication and guidance that you gave. If anyone reading this has any questions about a wonderful breed feel free to contact me.
Kerstin Howard

01/04/2013 07:33:18
I have heard such great things about Camelot and have a serious interest in a Havenese puppy. I hope to hear something soon!
Karl Siebert

Barbara Burkholder
06/05/2010 06:49:23
My daughter’s havanese, Angus, is just adorable. I just spent the week with him and fell in love with the little guy. His coloring is spectacular!

03/07/2010 11:54:39
My boy BOCCE, is 3 years old today!! He is wonderful brown sable, sent to me from heaven – we just LOVE him!!! He is such a joy to have around, and makes me laugh everyday….I am thankful that I found Jay, and think that as a breeder he does a WONDERFUL job!! Thank you, Jennifer and Bocce 🙂

Marianne McElree
08/28/2009 06:20:25
Jay I sent you a picture of Bella. We just love her. She is a great dog. When we take her for a walk people comment on what a beautiful dog she is. She has learned very quickly to ring a bell to go outside. She is easy to train. She is a very bright and affectionate dog. I would recommend a Havanese to anyone who wants a great companion. They are great family dogs.Thanks for such a wonderful dog.The McElree Family

Pauline and Charlie Davis
05/07/2009 01:40:11
Jay and his family breed and raise the most wonderful and healthy havanese pups. Our boy WOOF, is a playful, loving and has a beautiful temperment. thank you ernst family.

Chuck & Flo Bittner
12/09/2008 03:49:06
I cannot begin to say enough about Ricco, our party color Hav, he is a blessing in our life. I also consider Juergen among the top breeders in the country for his knowledge, and passion with his dogs. He doesn’t just want to make a sale, he wants to educate, and followup with the dogs that leave his care – he is indeed a great breeder and person.

Lynn and Chris Armstrong
09/22/2008 07:58:04
One was just not enough 1st we bought Mia, and 2 weeks late her brother Luigi, I can’t say enough about Jay and his Havanese. I am so glad we have 2. Please feel free to contact me about Jay, and his wonderful Havanese.

Maureen Gallagher
09/01/2008 11:39:49
Charlie is the first Havenese we have owned. He is a beauty, full of life and VERY smart. He is learning to ring a bell when he has to go out !! Thanks Jay for your expert advise and wonderful pup.
04/11/2015 01:59:35
Our pug, Lulu, is 6 mos., and I can’t say enough good things about Jay. She is just the sweetest dog, even with our English Setter, 2 Siamese cats, and 3 kids. Even my “no Pug” husband has fallen in love with this dog, and admits that she is very special. If we ever have anyone interested in adopting a pug, we will be certain to send them your way!!!

Kelley MacDonald
11/12/2014 09:47:55
I adopted my pug from Jay just over a year ago. I can’t say enough good things a about this little dude! He’s so well bred with so no abnormalities to speak of. He’s sweet, funny, loving, and just the perfect amount of stubborn, a try little heartbreaker. Jay was incredibly helpful in the process of the adoption, he answered every single one of my pedantic overly researched questions like a professional, he made a packet with all the startup information you could ever need and he showed me training and grooming tricks only someone with years of experience could pissibly know. I don’t know about other breeders and how they work but I doubt they breed a Pug like Jay!

02/01/2014 09:06:19
Our pug Toby is the best dog we could have ever asked for. He is beautiful, has a soft coat, perfect body composition, and a personality that is out of this world! He is so loving and affectionate and wants nothing more in this world than to cuddle with me or my husband. He is great with children and dogs of all sizes. He brings me so much joy every day and I’m so glad we decided to get a pug from Camelot pugs because I know that Toby is healthy, well bred, and will live a good life without many of the ailments that plague other poorly bred pugs.

Kim Perez (now proud owner of two of our guys) writes us in 2011:
Hi Jay –  Hope you remember us –  We got our Havanesse “DUKE” from you  3 years ago this Thanksgiving and he is such a delight.  Crazy as it seems, we keep looking at Havanesse’s on-line and might be interested in another early next year.  We’d really love a parti -mix with the brown/white’s.  Can you keep up updated when you have puppies available!  We now live in Cranberry – but its a short drive away..

Kim & Ric Pérez
304 Dawson Avenue
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Tel. No. Hm: xxx-xxx-xxxx; Mob: xxxxxxxxx (Ric), xxxxxxxxx (Kim)

Pauline Davis [] writes:

Scott Markel writes: 
—–Original Message—–
From: Scott Markel [] 
Sent: Monday, June 08, 2009 3:30 PM
To: Juergen
Subject: Dempsey Update
Hi Jay:
I just wanted to let you know that Dempsey is doing great!  We are really enjoying him and he seems to have completely adjusted to his new home.  The kids have really taken to him and he has been a GREAT  addition to our family.
Monday is his next vet appointment where he will get his last puppy shot. I also need to get you our exact vacation dates in mid-July when  we would like to have you watch him and work out the details with you.
Talk to you soon,
Mark Bookman writes:
> —– Original Message —– 
> From: “Mark Bookman” 
> To: “‘J. Ernst'” 
> Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 7:44 PM 
> Subject: Chris and Linda Armstrong 

> > Hi Jay. I hope you and your family are very well. I had a long talk with 
> > Chris Armstrong and he is really looking forward to his new puppy. I told 
> > him how wonderful Lucy and Crosby are and sent a few pictures to him. 
> > Kind 
> > regards, Mark

Cathy Stanley:
—–Original Message—–
From: Cathy Staley [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 4:05 PM
To: Juergen Ernst
Subject: Annie Staley
Dear Juergen, Contrary to all previous conceptions Annie, our beloved Annie, is not a lap dog.  She is an athlete who outdistances every dog in the dog park except a whippet.  She wrestles with a friends puppy for hours at a time. Last week, frightened by my daughter’s Bouvier,she ran away into the woods of Maine, survived a thunder storm, and was found the next evening.  When I and the posse found her she wasn’t wet nor hungry  [no interest in a half pound of beef brought to lure her].  We figure her lovable personality gained her a warm bed and dinner for the night.  Unfortunately,  since her overnight in the woods, she is restricted to leash walks which also prevents her from adding to her pet rock collection.  As you can  see from this photo our 16 year granddaughter took on the computer, Annie is a personality filled imp that all adore. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful pet.     Cathie Staley

Cindy Scobee writes:
From: Cindy Scobee [] 
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 9:00 PM
Cc: cdscobee
Subject: Sadie
Just wanted to send you some pics of Sadie!  She is doing wonderfully.  She starts puppy Kindergarten on Tuesday.  She is doing very well with the housebreaking and is an expert now at “sit”!  She is sleeping all night long and I can’t say enough great things about her.  We love her!
Cindy Scobee
Beth Funtal writes about her Havanese boy:
Hey Jay,
Joe and I are hoping all is well with you and the best dogs on the planet!
It has been a while since we’ve checked in and wanted to let you know how little Gunner is doing. Gunner continues to amaze us daily. He still holds “best dog ever” title in our household and we have had some great dogs.
He loves to play, especially fetch. He is the first dog we’ve had that acctually returns the ball…over and over and over. Gunner is a fabulous snuggler and has a great attitude. He is the reason our family is a bit addicted to havanese. Gunner has taken a liking to velcro rollers which are continually stuck to him. He truly loves life…walks, playing, snuggles, sleeping, eating…his enthusiasm never wains. I introduced Gunner to someone who was deciding between two breeders and I undersatnd she went with you. Her first name is Christine but I am at a loss for her family’s last name.
Our family will sing your praises and the praises of your breeding program and your precious dogs to everyone. Hopefully we’ll have an updated picture to send soon. Gunner is a little guy at about 7 lbs at this point. Though he acts like he is a 70 lbs confident pup!
Merry Christmas,Beth and Funtal Family
In 2010, Barbara Burkholder who’s daughter Chryssa (in MD) adopted Angus from us in 2009, adopted a Havanese named Chipper from a local breeder in Florida where she lives to be a companion for her dog, Putter Mae. I admit, I was a little disappointed at first, because we pride ourselves that our clients ALWAYS return, but I do understand that the distance was just too far to travel (from FL to PA). She bought Chipper from a reputable breeder and paid a pretty penny; so you would expect that she received a high quality, healthy dog, which apparently she did – from a breeder who cares about her pups and clients; which is obviously not so much the case. This is a another good example how we are different (and pick up the slack from other breeders who take your money and disappear from the face of the earth):
From: Barbara Burkholder [] 
Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2011 12:26 PM
Subject: Chipper and Angus
Hi Jay,
I hope all is going well for you during this very cold winter (even here in Florida).  Angus is doing well. My Chipper recently passed the Good Canine Citizenship Test at 5 months.  Very proud of him.  I was wondering if you could tell me when a Havanese is full grown.  I am trying to figure out how much bigger he will get.  He just turned 6 months old yesterday.  Also, it seems that just when I feel he is potty trained he has an accident.  Is this typical?  We adore the little guy and he and Putter Mae have a great time together.  You have a terrific website and I refer to it from time to time.  Chipper was neutered on Jan. 10th and all went well.  He is truly a love bug in that he loves everyone.  Unfortunately, the breeder from whom we got him is not a person I can contact with questions or concerns.  I’m afrain she is just too busy showing dogs and flitting all around the country.  I know how busy you are but just wondered if you could answer a few questions.  I miss Angus greatly and will be seeing him in a few months.  I will try to attach Chipper’s picture.  Thanks so much.  Barb

Judith Taylor writes about her Pug:
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 8:42 PM
To: Jay Ernst
Subject: Mei Lee
Hello Jay,
It has been a while since I updated you on my little Mei Lee.  I adopted her from you in June 2006.  Her birthday is April 18, 2006.  She is a wonderful little girl.  She weighs about 20lb. and is in very good health.  She has a great personality and everybody falls in love with her.  She is a very social little girl and has doggie friends all over the neighborhood, both big and little.  We even had a doggie birthday party for her.  My little girl is my constant companion, always full of love and always good for a few laughs.
Judy Taylor
Bellefonte, Pa.

Elizabeth Boyd writes:
—–Original Message—–
From: [] On Behalf Of Don Morrison
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 8:40 PM
To: Jay Ernst
Cc: Elizabeth Boyd
Subject: Fluffy
Esther reports: I’m so glad that Fluffy has learned to climb up the
stairs. Thank you for letting us have him. He already knows how to eat
and drink out of his bowl.
Betty wants to tell you how incredibly thrilled she is with how well
the house training is going.
He seems to be doing fine. He was a little subdued the first night,
but has been a playful, happy puppy since, interspersed with lots of
naps. He bonded instantly to Esther, and gently whines if she leaves
the room.
The house training is pretty much amazing. He’s had no accidents at
all, and whenever we take him outside he goes right away. The only
time he uses the paper is at night.
Nights are as you described. It is impressive the number of different
vocalizations he is capable of, and how loud they are.
He’s learned to go up stairs today, and is now the fastest up of any
of the four of us. I think it’ll be few weeks until he’s ready to come
back down on his own, though. He’s getting more and more interested in
carrying things around the house.
He sure does like company. The only sign of distress he ever gives is
when he’s left alone.
Needless to say, everyone is very happy.

Linda Sicker writes about her little Havanese boy Max:
From: Linda Sicker [] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 4:20 AM
To: Jay and Barb Ernst
Subject: Emailing: Picture 001.jpg, Picture 004.jpg, Picture 009.jpg, Picture 010.jpg
Hi Jay and Family,
Here are the latest pictures of Max. Well he made it through his first year of life with flying colors. Now that the warm weather is here, he is back to being the neighborhood dog. On the nice weather days, we’re usually outside when the mailman gets here. He always stops to pet Max and nicknamed him “killer.” The mailman who delivers the packages plays with him, too. This is one dog that won’t bite a mailman! When my neighbor across the street comes home from work and we’re outside, the first thing he does when he gets out of his truck is come over to see Max. He pretends he’s going to chase him and Max runs away, then as soon as he turns to leave Max runs after him. This goes on for at least 5 minutes every day.
People just naturally gravitate to him because he is so friendly and smart and has a personality. Even some of my neighbors who have their own dogs seem to get as much or more enjoyment out of Max. My neighbor two doors up has a Maltipoo who is about 7 or 8 years old. For Christmas she got a Yorkie puppy who is three months younger than Max, so Max has some friends to play with.
People seem to get a kick out of the fact that he’s so small and yet his name is Max. This is what the name Max means: Dogs named Max are generally happy dogs. They like to be petted and groomed and are considered fun-loving. They are very trustworthy companions.  So I think he has the perfect name for his personality.
Well, that’s the latest on Max. He is very much loved and very happy and content and still continues to amaze me with how much he understands.
Take care,

Rosemarie Bradesca from Ohio gives the following reference to a potential client:

Dear Mare,
Here is a email I sent to another wishing to get a puppy from Jay back in September. My feelings haven’t change a bit. Hope it helps. If you have any other questions just email will be glad to any concerns.

—– Original Message —– 
From: Rosemary Bradesca /
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 12:06 AM
Subject: Jay Ernst and Pug Puppies
Dear Michelle,

I cannot say enough good about Jay and Camelot Kennel. He is a wonderful person who is so helpful to first time buyers. I have had dogs all my life but never a Pug and he was most helpful with info on the breed. So I don’t miss any of your questions I will put my comments under your questions. Please feel free to email me back with any further info you need.

Warm Regards,

Katie Turiak now proud owner of two of our pugs[] writes on 10/13/10: 
Hi Jay!
I thought that since we just celebrated Roxy’s birthday I’d send some pictures.  She is doing really well and we are enjoying her so much as usual.  We have been toying with the idea of getting another one.  I always have someone come over to let her out and visit with her during the day while we are work, but we’d love to have another pug someday to keep her company.  We’re not sure how that works though with introducing a puppy into our home with Roxy, whether to get a male or female, etc. 
This is something that we’re not really in a rush to do, but if you could provide some information about litters expected or any insight you might have, we’d really appreciate it.  Roxy is such a joy and I can only imagine how fun two would be.
I also gave your name to one of my co-workers who is looking for another pug.  I told her how happy we are with you as our breeder and that we would highly recommend getting a dog from you!
Take Care,

oliver ritter macey / AJ [] who did not adopt from usbecause we did not have a retiree at the time, writes after contacting several show breeders:
Jay, Thank you for your time, I was lucky enough to find a nineteen month old little boy from Linda Pitts, Maybe in a year I could handle another “oldster” so Buddy, could have a buddy! Keep up the good work (your held in high regard in the pug community)….AJ 

Alicemarie Brenishan from NYC / Long Island has two of our pugs. Her vet is currently on our wait list and she gives the follwing reference to a potential client:
Hi Christina,
Thanks for your inquiry, I am happy to share our experience with Jay and our Pugs. First I will tell you that our Pugs [2] are Fraternal Twins, they are black with white markings on their chests, they are both females. There were only 2 in the litter so we took both. They will be 3 years old on June 23 and are the delight of my life. We have owned Pugs for at least 30 years and these are the best we’ve lived with. They have been healthy and our Vet. has stated that they are the healthiest he has seen. They both weigh about 20 lbs. and are playfull and lots of fun for us. They travel well in the car as we have many children and grandchildren who do not live near us in N.Y.and we visit frequently. They get along well with other dogs and are wonderful with children. As you can tell we love these pets, they have been a wonderful addition to our family.

After we identified Jay as the breeder that we wished to purchase our pets from I made contact with him via telephone calls and e’mail. He was always responsive and kept us up to date on the status of how their mother’s pregnancy was going and let us know as soon as the were born. He sent us many photos of them via e’mail after their birth. When we found out that there were only 2 puppies and they were both females [which was what we wanted, a black female] we took both because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted.

My husband and I drove to Pittsburgh to pick them up and to see where they were living. Jay has young children so the puppies recieved alot of attention and had alot of freedom in the house. Jay does not seem to produce many litters so he is very serious about the health and care of his dogs. His home was clean and neat and he had a large yard for the puppies and the other pets to play in. He allowed us to look around and we met the parents of our puppies as well as Jay’s family. Jay is very concerned about how his puppies fair after the leave him and keeps in touch with us to see how they are doing. He is a responsible breeder who cares about maintaining the good characteristics of Pugs and practicing responsible breeding. I would not hesitate to purchase another from him in the future, our experience with him has been most positive as a matter of fact, I have recommended him to others in the past but I’m not sure if anyone has followed our lead. Our Vet. even asked for Jay’s information.   

I hope that this information is helpful to you in making a decision regarding a breeder. Feel free to contact me in the future if need ed. Good luck.

Sincerely Alicemarie Bresnihan  contact:
Alison Brooks ( writes us:
Dear Jay,

Considering that tomorrow is Sid’s 1st Birthday I figured it would be an appropriate time to send you an update. He is now 20lbs but rest assured he is very athletic and well ribbed/muscled for that weight.As he has aged his coat has become slightly more smutty, but  the texture is still remarkably soft. I have yet to switch him to adult food, but am planning on doing so next week. I was curious however if he should continue to be fed 1/2 cup twice a day on the lower calorie adult food and have heard conflicting opinions. I would sincerely appreciate your opinion in this matter.

Without having to enroll in obedience classes  Sid has a mastery of basic commands, however, like most pugs he sometimes chooses to disobey (especially when the command is come and he has gotten his teeth on something as desirable as my brother’s dirty socks).

Most importantly, Sidney is a totally healthy   puppy, barring a trip to the ER when he sprained his back leg jumping off of my lap.Ultimately I think this incident impacted me more than Sidney, who was leaping on and off of couches within moments of his return from Met Vet in Robinson. Sidney also recovered quickly from his neutering this January and shows no signs of putting on any post-surgery weight. To the contrary, he seems to have a very high energy level for pugs and I am currently looking to enter him into breed/age appropriate agility trials to give him a chance to do additional behavioral training as well as exercise.
Sidney is extremely social and pleasant with people, though we are still working on appropriate greetings with other dogs. While he has had the chance to meet and play with a few medium sized dogs he absolutely prefers the society of pugs to any creature other than humans. He has a great love of children and often “reads” for the kids at our local library but also does very well with the elderly members of my family who enjoy petting him while he sits patiently on their laps.
In short, Sidney is a wonderful creature who brings a smile to everyone who meets him. He is a wonderful companion and enriches my life in ways that exceeded my greatest hopes. I realize this email is dangerously close to becoming a rant of adoration for my little guy, but I’d like to close with one final example of what a fine young pug you’ve bred. My mother has been terrified of dogs since she was a small child (she was bitten by a border collie) and was the main reason why our family never had any pet larger than a hamster. However, in the past year she and Sidney have become close in a way I never thought possible: when my cousin passed away after a long battle with cancer Sid was one of the few things that comforted my mother. She is given to saying that when I leave for graduate school she will miss me terribly, but will not be able to go weeks at a time without cuddling Sid.
In short Jay, I want to sincerely thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt one of your pugs. Again, I know this sounds foolish, but Sidney has helped me to become a more responsible, compassionate, and better person. From a woman who is usually rather stoic in expressing her emotions please take this email as verification that your approach to breeding and raising pugs is simply the best. Every day that I wake up and see Sidney’s charming face and button ears I think of what a wonderful thing you are doing in breeding happy, healthy, well-nurtured pugs.


Allison Brooks and family
Robin Toal writes us:

Hi Jay,

Zeus is doing wonderful. We just bought a new house a few months ago so he 
has a nice big yard now to run around in and has learned through several 
classes the commands so we don’t have to worry about him running off. He 
actually had to repeat his beginners class, but I think he’s starting to get 
the hang of the basics. He is so well adapted and is great with other 
animals and with people. He is surrounded by so many people that adore him. 
The vet actually send Zues is one of the best behaved as well as one of 
the healthiest looking pugs he has ever seen, so that is a big compliment to 
you seeing as you raised him during those crucial months.

Thanks again for checking in.

Robin and Matt (and Zeus too)

Subject: zeus
Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 19:50:41 -0400

Samantha Hawkins writes us:
Jay,  I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Nico is such a wonderful dog.We love him dearly.  Sydney [Their other dog] is still learning to like him…. but even she is being slowly won over. We frequently get stopped on the street and told what a handsome dog he is.
His overall temperament and personality couldn’t be any better.  He comes to work with me (as we are still working on potty training) and everyone loves him.He’s quick to learn and loves people.  He’s also very chill… which is a little surprising.  Especially in comparison to Sydney.   Don’t get me wrong, he loves to play and romp, but he’s an overall laid back type of guy.  Hope all is well! All the best, Samantha HawkinsCreative Director, Omeda Design + Technology
109 South 13th Street | Suite 117B | Philadelphia, PA 19107 T: 215.717.2730  | M: 207.450.4135 |  F: 215-717-2734 |

Anne Christy [] writes:
Dear Jay, My husband and I were just remembering a similar cold, rainy October evening when we came to visit you and came home with our first pug puppy.  Trudy has turned out to be a wonderful dog for our family.  She is very playful and affectionate.  She actually keeps up fairly well with our neighbor’s Rhodesian Ridgeback mix whom she loves to play with.  My neighbor is always commenting he cannot believe how rough and tumble she is for a small breed.  She has a wonderful temperment and makes us laugh on a regular basis.  And we are very happy we adopted Jasmine.  She has been with us about 6 months now.  She is so sweet and laidback.  She and Trudy get along well.  We are happy to see Jasmine and Trudy play and nap together.  After learning more about pugs and meeting more pug owners, I do feel we were fortunate to find Camelot Pugs.  We have two good looking and healthy pugs. I am sending a couple of my favorite photos.  We hope all is well with you and your family.   Anne and Ty Christy
Lynn from Massachusetts writes in 2005:

Midori is absolutely wonderful…The vet said she was just perfect and she had no worms..she will be going back to the vet on sept 16th for some more shots..She is working on her housetraining. She is very good at climbing she can jump onto the couch and hauls fast upstairs.. It makes a little nervous that she may hurt herself..She is very stubborn and persistant when she wants something..We absolutely adore her…When we went to the vet she weiged 4.5 pounds.. 

My other pug killian just ignored her at first ..I think he figured if he did not aknowledge her she would go away..Now I find them huddled together sleeping ..playing tug o war together with toys..Although she does pester him sometimes. He lets her now with a small growl. I think they are becoming the best of friends. 

I am so pleased with the job you did…I would recomend you to anyone..Fell free to use me anytime as a reference. I will send you some pitures shortly 

Thank You, 
On 10-14-08 Lynn writes again:
Wanted to let you that 3 years later Midori is doing great.  She is full of spunk and always makes us laugh.  I periodically visit your site to look at your new pics. I saw that you have my testimonal posted. I just wanted to let you know my email changed Feel free to use me as a reference anytime. Thank you again for the great job you do.  Lynn Conway

Danielle Sundberg from Cleveland, Ohio responds to an inquire:

Hi Adam – Sorry I didn’t get back with you sooner. I took the day off on Monday and just got back in the office today. I have to say without a doubt in my mind that I would recommend you getting a pug from Jay. We have two pugs from Jay. I live in Cleveland and traveled to Pittsburg simply to purchase good quality pugs from Jay. What I like about Jay’s pugs is that all of them are “family” raised. Meaning the adult and puppy pugs are raised around Jay’s family. Speaking of Jay’s family, his wife and children are wonderful. Both times I was there his wife took the time to talk with me about her experience with breeding pugs and also when she had a pug as a pet herself prior to breeding them. There was never a question that Jay could not answer. And believe me I asked plenty. In dealing with Jay there was not one bad experience at all. He is very informative and really cares about the home one of his pug puppys is going to. I’m sending you pictures of both of our pugs. Rosie is the fawn and Penny is the black one. Lancelot is Penny’s father. I have had no health problems with either pug. One thing we like about our pugs is that they are small. We travel a lot with our travel trailer and they are the perfect size for traveling. They are also very good with children. When I had my first pug Annie, my kids were 7 and 5 and she was very good with them. Very gentle and loving. When Annie passed away, I knew the only dog I would ever have again was a pug. Pugs are very smart too. We have trained our pugs to ring a bell when they have to go outside. Rosie does it all the time, Penny just stands there and looks at it. She’s still young though and it takes time. We have the bell hanging on a string off the door knob and when we take Penny outside, we lift her paw and she smacks the bell and we say “outside”. This way she associates the bell with going outside. I have to say there’s nothing I dislike about my pugs. They love to be with you. They are very family-oriented dogs. They love to be touching you when you are sitting down. When we are eating dinner, they sit under the table by your feet. They just want to be near you.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you purchasing a pug from Jay. You couldn’t find a better more knowledgeable breeder than Jay!!!!

Hope I’ve answered your questions. Please let me know if you have any more questions
Take care,


Anita Strader from WV writes about Junior and Louie:
It was nice to hear from you and to know that you still like to keep up with how your dogs are doing.  Jr and Louie are both doing great.they are healthy and fun dogs.  True brothers, if one is not here the other has no clue what to do.  they pick on one another and even thoughthey are getting older they still enjoy a game of fetch.  Tell your children hello, my girls still remember meeting your family.

Celia Huntley writes us:

Dear Jay and Barb, it was so nice to meet you, 
The puppy is a big hit with all the kids and their friends. Amy has a friend for life. He is perfect. I will send pictures as soon as I am able. He is a great dog, we love him, thank you. Your kids do a great job of cleaning up, they get an A++ for puppy rearing. I hope they do as well in school which is very important. The puppies are all beautiful, healthy, and clean. Great Job! God Bless, Celia.

> From: “J. Ernst” 
> Date: 2005/04/03 Sun PM 06:46:29 EDT
> To: “celia huntley”
Subject: Re: Re: puppy arrival / waiting list

Ingrid Merkel responds to an inquire in 2007:

From: Merkel, Ingrid
Sent: Wed 2/14/2007 3:09 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Suziedelis, Antanas
Subject: RE: Pug question

Dear Adam,

I am always pleased to write about our pug.

Mopsas is almost 3 years old, black, not neutered, muscular, taller than the average pug, 24.5 pounds, solid, great coat, lively and very funny.

His parents are Tyson and Belladonna. (I’ll send a photo, anyway).

We looked for a long time to find a reliable breeder. We live in D.C. and flew the puppy from Pittsburg. [note from Jay : in their own small plane, puppy was not shipped]
Jay and Barbara are very conscientious, caring breeders who do not overbreed. We went to Europe at the time and kept the puppy with the Ernst family until our return when the puppy was 12 weeks old. He was almost house trained and gave us relatively little trouble; the occasional accident. He came with all the vaccinations, a crate and blanket both of which we used until the crate was chewed apart. 

No health problems, so far. He does not tolerate heat very well; so in the summer we are careful to not let him out excessively. He snores and snortes a lot, because of the flat nose and breathing apparatus. Can’t keep him in the bedroom; too noisy. You must watch the eyes. As they are protuding, they can get scretched easily.
We went once to an ophtalmologist, out of caution, but the dog’s eyes were fine.

We went to much trouble to determine which breed we would select. We are apartment dwellers, urban people. We live on the tenth floor and the dog has to go out by elevator. So the dogs I had fancied, were out: akita, standard poodle, weimarianer, any dog that jumps fences and chases squirrels and runs off or barks for his pleasure. 

Frankly, our pug is the best dog I ever imagined: the friendliest, funniest, most loving dog. He is attached and bonded to my husband, who spends most of the time with him. I am clearly the beta-dog, but I enjoy that role (I give him the food and drink, but never mind that, my husband is it). Pugs are companion dogs, primarily; they are addicted to companionship—and food. They are entirely non-aggressive, at least Mopsas is. 

Sounds like I am bragging: we fly a lot with our plane, so Mopsas has been twice around the country, including Mexico. Wherever that dog goes he makes people smile and coo and fall all over him. He created a scene at the market in San Antonio recently: all kinds of parents and children wanted pictures with him (what people don’t know is that his black face doesn’t show any features on photos) a mob scene with Mopsas as rockstar.

This is just to say, that he is a healthy, strapping, beautiful (as pugs go) dog, thanks to his breeders.
Yes, you can trust Jay and Barbara to sell you a wonderful pug puppy! Enjoy! and be ready to be owned and possessed by a funny loving multo in parva.

My response is a bit long, but that’s what pugs do to you. 

Best wishes,
Ingrid Merkel

Stefanie Hyder (now proud owner of two of our puppies) writes about Hugo, her first puppy:

Hi Jay!
I just wanted to update you on our little baby Hugo. He’s six months old 
now, and he is the most incredible dog! He’s absolutely beautiful, and so 
sweet! He just loves to be around us all the time, and he’s pretty 
well-behaved. I’m attaching some pictures so you can see how great he 
looks. His vet says that he’s in great shape; he said that he’s nice and 
“compact.” I could tell that he was impressed with Hugo (as are we!) I 
just wanted to thank you again for giving us such a wonderful dog. He is 
our pride and joy, and he’s more than a little spoiled. We give him fresh 
veggies for treats, and so far he’s not getting fat. Our vet has said that 
pugs have a tendency to get pretty chubby, so we’re watching him closely. 
So far so good. Thanks again!
Stefanie Hyder
Nancy Wallack writes us:
Hi Jay ,
Zoey is doing wonderful., I will be sending you some pictures.  I cannot believe how she has grown this last two weeks.  She is soooooo  good., she has been doing all her potty needs outside., has had one or two poop accidents., she now sleeps about 7 hours at night.  so good., so is just a little character., my daughter Pam says she just might be wanting another in a year or two.  I keep telling her I am going to take Zoey home with me.  She is listening somewhat better, she eats well., everyone just loves her and says her coloring is just beautiful.  The vet says you did a terrific job with her, and was impressed by the records you sent with her.  Thanks for all your help with Zoey., will forward pictures soon.
Nancy ( Zoeys Grandma)

Eleanor Rivera (who’s sister Ana now also has one of our babies) writes us in regards to an alert ( we sent out to all our clients:
Hello Jay,
Thanks so much for sending me the article on the immunization risks.  It was great speaking with you and giving you an update on our little girl Brooklyn.  She is such an amazing dog with a great temperament.  Her health has also been great.  The vet always goes on about how healthy she is.  I have attached a few pictures.  She has been traveling with me.  We have flown to Florida and Boston in the last few days and we have a full schedule for the summer. Take care,

Joe Giacomaro from Eastern PA writes in 2005 before adopting pug number three (!) from us:
 Hi Juergen & Barbara,
    Its been a long time I’ve been meaning to write this e-mail to you both.  I truly apologize for not writing to you sooner.  I guess it was back in December that Juergen called and left a message on my cell phone.  After all this time I still have it saved  it has been a  reminder for me to get in touch with you.  I was working out of state for about 3 months and work  continues to keep me busy.  But today after checking my messages I decided then and there I would sit down and finally get in touch with you.
    The pugs are both doing wonderfully, they love to run around in the backyard and chase each other.  We also have an older dog who unfortunately  probably wont make it past the summer but its nice to watch the pugs give so much attention to her, and it even seems they go over and check on her.  The dogs just went to the vet for a checkup and all was well with both.  We just have to get Major’s (male) weight down about 2 pounds, he eats anything he can get a hold of.  One of Majors favorite things to do is jump on the kitchen chairs and lay on them. We find amazement how he’s able to do it, and how Jade (female) has never once tried to do it.  They love to sit at the back door and soak up the sun.
When were in the front yard where there’s no fence for them Jade will walk around with me on no leash and never leaves my side, whereas Major has to be on a leash cause he’ll chase after any bird or person he see’s.  There no fear in either of those dog’s.  I took Jade to the pets store not long ago to pick up some of her favorite snacks (pig ears) and there was a women with a Pit Bull there. Jade proceeded to bark at this much larger dog until finally we had to walk out of the store.  That’s a big difference we have noticed between the two of them,  if anyone comes near us Jade will bark until the person either leaves or I pick her up and calm her down whereas major will run over jump on the person and lick them to death.  But both dogs are doing terrific and we love them to death. I hope were able to stay in contact more, and I once again deeply apologize for not writing to you both sooner. I feel horrible about it.  I would love to send you pictures of them if your interested?  When you have time please e-mail me back.
      Joe Giacomaro (

Local client Laura Eberle’s testimony regarding our unparalleled pre-training and ongoing support:
Dear Jay,
Thank you for your advice, I put it to use right away, and Ollie responded wonderfully! The biting has curbed dramatically! Now Ollie is not biting as hard and he is truly listening to the word “NO”.  He has become much more gentle during play.  He learns very quickly! I truly think that his little “light bulb” went off in his head today with house-breaking because he has let me know, by a quick whine and going to the door for the last 3 times, he needed to go outside. Also, he has learned a new command..too cute…”give me paw” in just a matter of minutes.  I try a new one every 3 or so days and reinforce the ones we’ve already learned in the interum. I can’t believe how easy he is to train….such a smart and sweet little guy!!!!  I will keep you updated, and thanks again for your advice and support.

Hello Jay, It has been a while since I updated you on my little Mei Lee.  I adopted her from you in June 2006.  Her birthday is April 18, 2006.  She is a wonderful little girl.  She weighs about 20lb. and is in very good health.  She has a great personality and everybody falls in love with her.  She is a very social little girl and has doggie friends all over the neighborhood, both big and little.  We even had a doggie birthday party for her.  My little girl is my constant companion, always full of love and always good for a few laughs. Judy TaylorBellefonte, Pa.
Ashley Alps [] writes:
Hello, I’m not sure if you remember, but Ben and I adopted a puppy from you from your September 2, 2007 litter.  He is doing very well, and he has brought us more joy than we could ever imagine.  As we told you then, we wanted a second puppy, and the time is coming.  We were looking for a black pug, no gender preference.  I saw that you might have a black male in your May/June litter.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Alison Cherubini [] writes:
Hi Mr. Ernst!!
It’s so funny that you emailed me today…i was JUST on your website this morning 🙂  How weird is that,huh!  Thanks for the photos.  Teddy Bear is adorable!!  And…i would love nothing more than to buy him off you to have a brother for Benson.  Unfortunately, Jamie is dead set against another dog.  Jamie is going back to school right now three days a week, plus we just got engaged and are planning our wedding for October, so we don’t have much time for a new puppy right now.  It’s hard enough still making sure we have plenty of time to spoil Benson!! I really appreciate your email and perhaps we’ll be in touch at the end of the year.  I would really love to have another one of your puppies!  Benson has just been such an amazing joy in our lives.  Everywhere he goes, he’s the center of attention, and I owe that completely to the beautiful upbringing that you and your family gave him in the first few months of his life.  I actually forwarded your email to a guy at work who is in love with Benson and was thinking about getting a “Benson” of his own.  

Take Care!!

01/13/2015 10:56:18
I have a pug from a ‘backyard breeder’ (and I ADORE him), but most of the litter needed palette surgery. I LOVE how you think, and the standards you hold yourselves to. And you are absolutely right, there is no such thing as a brindle pug. Or a black pug with white markings. Not AKC anyway.
Logan Simons

Jessica Minkel
05/18/2014 09:29:07
Our pug, Yoda, is the best pug I have ever seen or had. His personality, how smart he is, he’s just wonderful. He is literally our fur baby. And Jay has just been wonderful. Any question I’ve ever had he has answered right away. We get complimented all the time about what a great looking pug, we have. I will always get my pugs from Jay.
03/24/2014 07:30:44
yfjhxdbnfmpuqvht, kwkjkjucyg

06/03/2013 03:18:49
We have had Sully almost 5 years now and he is by far the most personable and healthy black pug ever! He has brought another dimension \to our family. Even the reluctant father has taken to him and plays his special games with him religiously every night. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him!
sheila Nathanson

Tony & Pam M.
11/12/2012 07:42:54
Two years ago today, we brought Lily, our fawn pug, home from Camelot. Lily is the most wonderful addition to our family. She is a curious pug who loves everyone. This little girl has given us more love than we ever could have imagined. We would not hesitate returning to Camelot in the future to add to our family. Jay knows this breed inside and out. He makes himself available to answer your questions, long after your pug puppy is in your home. We love our pug!

Rebecca Wolf
07/02/2011 09:08:15
I’m looking to bring a pug into my home and have found all of the information on your site extremely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to present the facts about breeders and what to watch for.

Crystal and Drew Schnabel
06/22/2011 04:45:46
We welcomed Otto and Owen (brothers) into our home on February 5, 2011 and looking back, we can’t even remember life BOO (before Otto and Owen). They have added so much joy and laughter to our lives. They are adorable puppies who bring smiles to all faces they pass and most importantly, they are healthy and happy, thanks to Jay and his clear knowledge and experience for the breed. Jay was amazing to work with, allowing us to visit (numerous times) from our home in Arlington, Virginia. He gave us great advice at the time, all of which made for easy puppy training. We highly recommend Camelot to anyone interested in a pug (or two!). Crystal and Drew Schnabel

Gina Morris
03/22/2011 07:31:54
We got the joy of our lives from Jay in December of 2007 – a fawn male pug who we named Dodger. Jay was amazing throughout the entire process. Even when we had problems training Dodger he was able to help us over phone and email. Dodger is now a healthy 3 year old and we are ready for another dog. After our amazing experience with Jay, we aren’t even thinking of looking anywhere else.

Tony & Pam M.
12/24/2010 11:07:00
We welcomed Lily into our home on 11/12/10. Prior to this joyous day, we met Jay and were introduced to this beautiful fawn pug. We so much appreciated the fact that Jay shared his knowledge and answered our many questions about this breed. We instantly knew that Jay is a pug breeder who truly cares about each pug puppy born at Camelot. His years of experience with this breed is immediately apparent. We love our Lily, cherish every day we have with her, and are very happy we purchased her at Camelot Pugs.

Terry W @ 30269
10/20/2009 04:48:44
Thank you for your informative website which reflects your obvious love of Pugs.

Sara Silver
03/04/2009 11:54:40
We adopted a little boy from Jay 6 weeks ago and he is truly the most perfect Pug there ever was. I may be a little biased…but our vet said so too!

Sharon Bruni
07/11/2008 09:42:28
Yesterday was our pug Ernest’s first birthday. We purchased Ernest from Jay last September. He has grown into a very muscular and beautiful pug. He loves both humans and dogs. He is an active playmate in our local dog playgroup and keeps up with the goldens and the labs. Everyone in our neighborhood knows Ernest by name and some neighbors actually stop by to ask if Ernest can come out and play! We cannot wait to get our second pug from Jay!!!
07/09/2008 12:27:16
please excuse the typos in my previous post: it is difficult to type with a pug sleeping on your lap
07/09/2008 12:25:51
Tomorrow is my pug Sidney’s first birthday. I have had the pleasure of owning him since last September, when I purchased him from Jay. I constantly receive comments about what an attractive dog my young pug is but most importantly he is well adjusted and healthy, thanks to the way he was bred and brought up by Jay. In a world were too few people genuinely care about animals Mr. Ernst is in a class of his own in regard to his passion for the bread and love of the dogs.
06/10/2008 10:06:14
Zoey Marie is my granddog., my daughter puchased Zoey from Jay and she just melted our hearts from the beginning., most importantly she is in excellent health, the vet was very impressed with her health records and everything Jay had already done with her., she also said her coloring was beautiful. Zoey is 12 weeks old and she does wonderful with her potty training., and she is just so loveable and full of spunk. Jay is always there to answer all questions, and is extremely helpful, you can tell when you meet him just how much he cares about these dogs and loves them. WE will definately get another pug from Jay, in all the years of dogs and puppies we raised this puppy has been the most social, easiest to house break., and healthy. Thanks Jay for caring and breeding such wonderful dogs. Thanks again for everything and we will continue to send pictures and updates of Zoey. Nancy and Pam
04/25/2008 12:05:25
I love my pug! He has brought alot of joy in our lives and I can’t wait to find another one to bring more joy in our family! I would recommend this website to everyone!!
10/10/2007 13:23:41
Fantastic Web Site. My wife and I are looking for a female fawn puppy to keep our other pug ( sadie ) company. Are you breeding any pugs SOON ? tom & paula ruggeri
09/03/2006 01:34:09
I have been researching and dreaming of owning my own pug for the last two years! I live in Northern Virginia area (Bristow, VA) and am having a hard time finding pups! I was impressed with your standards and would love to talk to you about upcoming litters. Stacy L.
03/13/2007 15:36:41
Hi Jay, I just wanted to give you an update. We adopted Hugo in February of 2005, and our Hugo is now almost two and a half. He’s amazing! In perfect health, not overweight, doesn’t snore . . . . He’s so sweet and smart. We’ve trained him to give “high fives” with both hands, sit, stay, and come. He can catch treats with his mouth from across the room. He’s our wonder-dog, and our friends come over just to play with him. I just wanted to say thanks. Stefanie Hyder
03/15/2006 01:23:59
Hello- I have done a lot of back breaking research on my computer looking for a pug pup. I agree, does not seem very reputable and I am not all that knowledgable on pugs. Ifound to be very helpful and cannot believe how much I have learned about pugs. I am from CT.looking to purchase a black female pug pup. So far I have found your website to have all the information said makes for a reputable breeder. Well, hopefully you will have what I’m looking for. I havn’t cheked out all your pic’s yet. Daily flosser, Rebecca
11/10/2005 15:49:27
We just wanted to thank you a year later for our sweet little pug Frankie….She is something else and our family just wouldn’t be the same without her….Our vet said that she is the healthiest pug they have yet to see!!! She is still so full of enery and pug love..We just love her!! Thanks again for a wonderful job done raising and breeding these pugs. Greg,Kacy,Mady and Frankie
08/25/2005 02:02:18
Dear Jay and Barb, Thank you so much for a terrific pug. Midori is a spunky little pup with a great personality. The vet says she is perfect. I would highly recomend you. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime. I love the care and attention you give your puppies. I love your breeding philosophy. As a person with a degree in animal care, I looked long and hard for a breeder that met my standards. I must say you have surpassed all my expectations.I know she was well loved by you and will continue to be by me. Thank You again, Lynn Conway Auburn, Massachusetts
04/06/2006 20:44:30
Thank you so much for helping me with advice on the phone
08/15/2005 22:13:11
Jay & Barb, Jade and Major are wonderful additions to the family, we couldn’t be happier with them. Look forward to purchasing another pug in the future! Excellant work with the webpage also. Joe & Gretchen
02/17/2005 12:52:50
Dear Jay, I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful puppy Dori is. Our vet was most impressed by her confirmation and personality. A personality that steals your heart the moment she greets you. Thank you so much for the time you spent with my questions and meeting me half way to deliver the puppy because I didn’t want to stress the puppy out by shipping her. She is a great little girl. Feel free to use any pictures I have sent or myself as a reference. Your philosophy is right on with your quality of puppies as proof. Thanks again. Rosemary
03/09/2005 02:38:27
Wonderful web site keep up the good work. MIchelle

01/15/2005 16:08:50
Dear Steve; Thank you for your advice and your interest in our Pugs. However, I am not “in the market” for Pugs and I do consider myself quite successful. I prefer not to compromise my policies and rather rely on my main income as a Managerial Professional and our small Beauty Salon. Sometimes and for some people like myself, it is more satisfactory to “think small” Regards; Jay Ernst
01/15/2005 15:19:34
Dear Jay and Barb! Thank you so much for the great work you did with our beautiful Zelda and crazy Elvis, who just won his first Junior Competition. Zelda is the most affectionate dog we ever had and the vet just praised you again for their great built and health. Our neighbor will contact you shortly to get a fawn boy out of one of your next litters! Mike and Tina Horowitz
07/09/2007 19:16:41
Hi Jay and Family, We wanted to say hi and give you an update on our ‘Mimi’ (you may remember her as ‘Mrs. Noodles’ because of the white ‘n’ on her chest) She is now 18 months old (we still like to think in months). She has been nothing but an absolute joy for the both of us. She is absolutely beautiful..a little on the small side at 14 lbs but completely healthy and happy. (She’s actually a bit of a picky eater..if you can believe that) A friend of ours just added a baby pug to her family in great part to having met Mimi. She is loved by all who meet her. We have actually moved away from NYC back to our native Canada in Nova Scotia. Mimi has lots of play area now as compared to NYC. She also loves to go sailing with our family. We want to say thank you again for her and will send you pictures soon. Christy and Mike
01/09/2005 18:22:45
Kacy and Greg and Frankie!
01/17/2005 03:26:41
Dear Jay; Thank you so much for all the information and all the time you spent during various phone conversations. I wish I could have adopted a puppy from you, but I am sure that I am much better prepared now to find a good breeder here in California. Thank you again. I would highly recommend you.
02/24/2005 02:59:56
Hi Jay! I just wanted to thank you for our amazing puppy! We’ve changed Otis’ name to Hugo, and we are enjoying every second with him. He is extremely intelligent and good-natured, and we could not have asked for a better puppy. I’ve already recommended you to the strangers who stop me in the street and ask where I found such a beautiful dog! Thank you for raising him with such care. It shows. Stefanie
10/31/2005 08:54:56
Hello from Germany, love your Dogs and the Website is great, best wishes,Silvia Grimm and Poodles.
04/27/2007 22:53:17
Dear Jay, Just wanted to thank you for our three gorgeous Pugs. My mom and dad are so glad that I talked them into getting Rosetta and Nemo (who, can you believe it, is already 7) and Dora are her best friends! Keep up the good work!
01/30/2005 20:07:04
Dudley is doing just fine. He appears to be a very smart and sweet dog. Although he can be a little wild and somewhat stubborn at times; but not to worry, these qualities only add to his already wonderful personality. My son and I are extremely happy with him and truly believe that he is all that you represented him to be. Please feel free to give out my contact information for references. Thank you again, Dan
01/11/2005 00:44:25
We love our puppy Mopsas who is nine months old to the day. We appreciate your philosophy of breeding and the quality of your pugs. Mopsas is just that: excitable and friendly — and handsome, too. Ingrid and Tony
10/05/2005 22:44:07
I enjoyed the pictures very much! I can’t wait to have one of my own!!!
05/16/2006 17:07:15
Jay and family, I APPLAUD YOU FOR NOT “SHIPPING” YOUR PUPPIES! I believe as you do,IT IS NOT WORTH RISKING PHYSICAL NOR EMOTIONAL DAMAGE TO THE PUPPY!! I ,also, do not consider my puppies “cargo” nor ship them! I am sure you are successful,just as I am,as a hobby breeder who breeds for love of the pug breed,not love of the dollar! Success means having a good reputation! God bless you for caring about your pugs and not compromising! Rhonda
04/04/2006 15:20:16
Dear Jay, Barb and the Kids: Thank you so much for helping us adopt our first Pug puppy. You have been extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and we can tell that he was raised by a very nurturing and loving family. Hemi enjoys meeting new people and especially loves to give kisses! He is so playful and full of energy. We have given your name as well as your website when asked where we got him; we’ve been asked a lot and it’s only been a few days since we’ve had him! If we decide to add another Pug to the family we know to return to you. Thanks again for everything! Suzette and Craig
05/13/2006 00:05:51
I lost my beautiful black pug today to cancer. I found your site and was impressed. Pugs are wonderful dogs and give back more than any human can give them. I am interested in finding another pug because even after a few hours without her I miss her terribly.