Havanese Breeder

There are two kinds of people you will come across during your search: breeders and pet producers. Though both may be similar in concept, they could not be further apart in reality. A pet producer does not care or know much about quality, stooping to breed dogs simply for the monetary gain in selling pets. We at Camelot’s Champion Havanese pride ourselves on the passionate act of being breeders, and we breed primarily to find that next super star for show, but most of our puppies become family pets.

Breeding is so much more than simply creating a new breed or maintaining a lineage. Proper breeders need to not only know their dogs inside and out, but also need to be educated on selecting the right parents, socializing this sensitive breed properly from day one, and on creating a healthy lifestyle for each dog’s long-term well-being. Among many things, this means knowing the difference in different brands of food, how certain diseases can be avoided, and how to properly maintain a breeding ratio.

Our puppies descend from among the best lineages. Breeding with the same dogs for multiple generations now, we know the full generational history of the puppy you would take home. Besides (and more so than) the standard health testing, this ensures for you that your puppy will not be susceptible to any hereditary diseases and disorders that can jeopardize its well-being as much as your family budget.