AKC Havanese

As an AKC member in good standing, we pride ourselves on the ability to breed high-quality, healthy animals, generation after generation. Any amateur can raise and sell a dog, but we are dedicated to finding the best homes for our pups. The long-term well-being of every puppy, even after it leaves our home, is the single most important factor when considering our potential customers.

As an AKC breeder, we are dedicated to providing puppies that meet the highest of standards. This goes much further than simply proportions, tail setting or the typical Havanese gait and all the other obvious basics you expect from the breed. Proper selection of the parents, along with a sophisticated early socialization program to create a sound disposition and avoid preventable health issues are paramount. These very high standards in regards to breeding, raising, and placing guarantees that the puppies will be happy for the duration of their life.

Of course, all of our puppies are veterinary inspected and leave with a clean bill of health.

Breeding means making the investment up front. We spend up to 6 thousand dollars per animal to confirm that it is up to the highest standards. When mills and backyard breeders pay a couple hundred of dollars for an animal that was never meant to be bred, the suffering of quality is strikingly apparent.